View Full Version : refreshing/cacheing and browsing issues in 6.1

2005-06-24, 19:50
While troubleshooting some other problems I upgraded to yesterday's
daily last night and my status frame no longer refreshes.

Dan made a bunch of changes in 3283, including adding some script
to auto-reload to status_header.html.

Unfortunately the Bagpuss skin doesn't seem to refresh any longer
since I can not find any reference to it actually using

I've also noticed quite a few problems when changing skins; things
from previous skins remaining, etc.. In both FireFox/IE, even after
clicking the "Click here" link after changing and shift+refreshing as
well. It looks like something is being cached which seems to be
a side effect of the same thing that was trying to be accomplished
with the above code rewrite. This was not an issue in 6.0.2.

There is no web proxy/cache between me and the slimserver so that is
not the issue.

With both browsers doing it I would assume it's a slimserver problem.

I just confirmed the problems don't appear when selecting skins by
direct URL (ie, http://server/skin) instead of actually changing
the default.. So definitely a cache problem.

I've also noticed an issue with browsing via the web interface.

If I click "Browse Artists" or call it in my skin via browsedb.html
I am presented with a list of artists pulled from my musics' id3
tags. If I click on the artist I'm not presented with a list of
songs from that artist, but with albums (seems a bit counterintuitive
given that I'm browsing by artist, not album, but this seems to be
a decision made by the skin, which I can change). Nonetheless, I
click the "No Album" since none of my songs are tagged with an album,
and every song the in the DB shows up. I suppose this makes sense if
I had wanted to browse by album, since every song is technically on
"No Album", but shouldn't the search compound artist=X AND album="No
Album", or something to that extent?


It is referencing artist=113 in the final URL, but seems to be

Not only is every song there, but my artist isn't even on the page.
There doesn't seem to be a way to actually look at songs by just one
artist with the browse functions in the web interface. This was seen
in the Fishbone and HandHeld skins.

All was done with SlimServer_v2005-06-23.

I'm new to this project so if you'd prefer bug reports filled out
instead of email to the developer list when looking at beta code, let
me know. Also, obviously let me know if any more details are needed.