View Full Version : Shoutcast issues

Oakland Stroke
2005-06-24, 09:35
I have the beta, 6.1, installed. Slim Server works great for me, but Shoutcast is not working on the SqueezeNetwork. The other services are fine. When I attempt to connect to the Shoutcast service or a saved favorite, nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

2005-06-24, 10:38
Hmm...I'm able to browse and play stations via Shoutcast at 10:30am PST.
Maybe the Shoutcast feed was down temporarily? What do you see when you
try to browse into Internet Radio > SHOUTcast Internet Radio?


Oakland Stroke
2005-06-24, 13:31
I've got things straightened out now. I installed the latest build and SqueezeNetwork is fine. I originally installed 6.1 a week or so ago.

In answer to your question, I would go to Internet Radio > Shoutcast and the Squeezebox would time out trying to make a connection, or it looked like I was logged in and stations were available. When I pushed the play button, nothing happened.