View Full Version : internet radio/digital output problems

Greg Klanderman
2005-06-24, 07:44

I am running slimserver 6.0 latest from svn on an SB1.

When I listen to internet radio stations, i.e.


there seems to be no signal on the digital outputs from my SB1. My
hypothesis is that the sampling rate of the station is not compatible;
I believe that the digital output only supports 44.1kHz and 48kHz

Is there a way to display the station's sampling rate to confirm this

It also seems that in this situation, even though the digital output
is not being used, it remains active. My amplifier auto-senses which
inputs are available, preferring digital over analog, but does not
detect that the digital is inactive and switch to analog when playing
radio. This is really irritating as I then have to manually switch
the amplifier.

The SB1's analog output levels are so low compared to other component
inputs that I really prefer to use the digital output.

Would it be possible to configure convert.conf to have streams that
are not at 44.1 or 48kHz resampled to 44.1? Looking at it, it seems
the file format is not general enough to condition the filter on the
input stream's sample rate.

Any suggestions appreciated,