View Full Version : should internet radio display song information?

Greg Klanderman
2005-06-24, 07:08

I'm playing


and in the description of the stream here:


it mentions that "You can even see information about the
songs as they're playing".

So I'm wondering, should my SB1 running current slimserver
6.0 branch from svn checkout display the song information?
It's not, but I'm hoping that there's some way to fix it..


2005-06-24, 08:54
For Live365 stations, you will have to connect using the Live365 plugin (under Internet Radio on the home menu) to get track information. Live365 does not provide in-stream metadata, so you won't get it if you connect directly to the HTTP stream - the plugin sets up a separate connection to poll Live365 for the track information.

I found WUMB under the Professional Stations section. I still wasn't able to get track metadata, but it seemed to be a problem with Live365 itself for that station (I was able to get track information for other stations).

Greg Klanderman
2005-06-24, 13:30
Hi Vidur,

Hmm I thought I had tried that too.. do you mean on the player,
navigate these menus:

Internet Radio -> Live365 -> Americana - Folk -> WUMB ?

[excuse me if I didn't get that exactly right, I'm at work]

Note there are 3 "WUMB" stations - the "real" radio station, and 2
streams that are internet radio only. Only the latter two claim to
have the track information. Believe they are called "Contemporary
Folk" and "Traditional Folk" on the Live365 plugin.

Can you point me to a station that has track information that does
work on Live365 on the Squeezebox?


2005-06-24, 15:26
My understanding is that you need to be a Live365 member to get track information. I'm not sure if VIP membership is required, though.

With Live365 credentials entered into the Server Settings > Internet Radio > Live365 Radio section of the web interface, I was able to get track information from several of the professional stations, including Creation Steppin' and Rockland USA.

Greg Klanderman
2005-06-24, 18:35
OK, now it's working for me if I go in through the Live365 plugin to
the WUMB Contemporary Folk stream.

Is there no way to have the slimserver invoke the Live365 plugin when
playing a Live365 url from a playlist?