View Full Version : two issues (play + rescan) on 6.0.2 - 3085

2005-06-14, 14:13

I am having two issues with my slimserver

1. Rescan never finds new music on my hard drive. I always have to do a full wipe cache when I add mew music. I cannot find documentation on how to debug this issue. I enable d_scan but the log.txt only saves a very short extract of the logs (can this be changed?) and I cannot debug the problem

2. When I press play on the remote (after switching the unit on) the server resumes at the last track (ok) but then stops after that song has finished. It never continues on to the next track. If I skip forward it works fine from then on. However the first track after the restart is always a problem

As you can see they are no major issues but are really annoying me now. Anyone got any ideas?



2005-06-14, 14:21
Quoting Diarmuid <Diarmuid.1qmxez (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> As you can see they are no major issues but are really annoying me now.
> Anyone got any ideas?

your first issue is known:

The second one sounds like it could be similar to a couple items:

All three are targetted for fix in 6.1.
The 6.0.x nightlies are not likely to see much change from here on.


2005-06-15, 04:05

A workaround for the rescan issue is to use "Browse Music Folder" in the SlimServer interface and then navigate to the folder containing your new music which will add the new music to the database. Slimserver should now recognize the new music when using other browse methods, e.g., by artist, album, etc. I try to do this every time I add a new album or a few songs, as it is much faster than a rescan or wipe cache.

2005-06-16, 12:08
thanks for that kdf !! I'm looking forward to 6.1 release

2005-06-16, 14:14
Quoting Diarmuid <Diarmuid.1qqgyn (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> thanks for that *kdf* !! I'm looking forward to 6.1 release

give the nightly build a try and make sure it does what you hope. If not, now
is the time to file bug reports.