View Full Version : Save Current Playlist - Is this a bug?

2005-06-11, 20:14
Running 6/11/05 nightly of 6.1 trunk on Windows XP Pro. Default skin with IE6.

Never having worked with SlimServer playlists before, I'm not quite certain what the expected behavior is. I just tried to save the current playlist and in the left-hand pane I get the following message:

> You need to specify a path to a directory for your saved playlist files.
> Click here to go to the server settings and do this now.

The playlists folder is specified and is valid. There are few odd playlists in the directory now, including '__current.m3u' with a recent timestamp, so SlimServer can see the directory and can write to it.


2005-06-12, 12:54
I figured out what was going on...

In my types.conf file I had both "cue" and "m3u" playlists commented out due to past problems with SlimServer's scanning looking into the files and indexing tracks incorrectly. I'm not sure if that bug still exists - it was mostly with external CUE sheets that reference multiple files.

I uncommented the "m3u" entry, restarted the server, and the Save Playlist problem went away. So this was more like a bad error message than anything else. The path was OK, but removing "m3u" from the types.conf confuses SlimServer.