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2005-06-11, 17:07
Using Squeezebox 1 with Mandrake

After installing SlimServer 6.0, I experience poor performance and random crashes. I know it upgraded the firmware on the squeezebox from something (39 likely) to 40. After deciding I wanted to go back to 5.4 because I never experienced any problems ever, I did that. Now, anytime we jump to Shuffle play, SlimServer crashes and music stops. This happens on playlists or on an album. Since I went back to 5.4, I've also installed (not upgrade) Mandriva 2005 LE with hopes that might fix things since it is starting from scratch. I've also tried SlimServer 6.02 now and I still have problems.

Is there something about firmware 40 that is causing this? Is it possible to go back to 39 and if so, how?

2005-06-11, 17:58
I've had no crashing problems with shuffle, 6.0.2 and firmware 40.

Have you tried a clean install - make sure you erase any old auto generated playlists in your playlists folder.

2005-06-12, 00:07
What is the message in the log when you have a crash?