View Full Version : UTF8 problems?

2005-06-11, 03:49
I wonder if anyone can help with this problem I'm seeing. My iTunesUpdate plugin is not working with accented characters on Windows.

This is the problem - Given a track with tags that contain accented characters, for example artist "Rainer Trüby Trio", this is displayed fine on the Squeezebox, in the web interface and in iTunes.
But whenever I get the string in my plugin, (via $track->artist) and print it in the log I see this: "Rainer Tr├╝by Trio" and obviously this fails to match with anything in iTunes.

I've tried using the various UTF8 functions in Slim::Misc::Utils but have been unable to get any of them to make any difference to the string.
My understanding is that SlimServer is using Perl 5.8 on Windows and this "should just work" with UTF8 strings?
I had wondered if the Windows command prompt can't actually display UTF8, but that wouldn't explain why it's not working in iTunes!

Can anyone help?
(wierdly this seems to work ok on OSX from what I've seen, but then has similar problems when working on the filename)


2005-06-11, 05:30
ah, I think I've fixed this already. Should have done a bit more googling before posting!
Seems the Win32::OLE module doesn't do UTF8 by default.

But I'd really like to know if/why the Windows Command Tool doesn't display UTF8?

I'm still seeing funny characters there but the iTunes search is working so I must assume the Cmd Tool is the weak link...