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2005-06-10, 03:35
I'd like to integrate DAB into my SlimServer environment and am not sure which makes more sense - DABBAR with a USB DAB, or Alien BBC. I know that AlienBBC alllows access to offline content as well as live broadcasts, but my question is whether there is a substantial difference in audio quality between the two approaches. Any thoughts?



Andrew L. Weekes
2005-06-10, 04:13
You'd have to check the bitrates used on the various online BBC stations, and compare it to DAB to try and get an idea of a comparison.

But bearing in mind the different compression systems (Real Audio vs. Mpeg L2) it will be hard to do.

As a country we have the worst DAB quality of anywhere in the world and I predict it will get worse still, as time goes on, since the economics of the service almost guarantee it, so I suspect it's a bit of 6 of one, half a dozen of the other!

Neither come remotely close to the FM broadcasts, in terms of quality, I wonder if a way could be found to stream a feed from an FM tuner to the SB for best quality?

That all said, the convenience and access of either DAB or the Internet-based stations are a huge bonus to me, and the 'Listen Again' stuff really adds the icing on a great cake!


2005-06-10, 14:49

I use both, FWIW my feelings are:

DAB (Psion Wavefinder/DABBAR) - slightly better quality than AlienBBC, also more reliable and quicker to play (I listen to BBC R3, R4, R7)

Alien BBC - listen again - worth it just for that!, however often have problems getting some programmes to play.


2005-06-12, 13:46
How about connecting a freeview or satellite box?

DAB bitrates are pretty poor and Freeview, for example, gives higher bitrates.

More info here (bottom of the page) - http://www.digitalradiotech.co.uk/

2005-06-13, 14:50
dSw - do you know of a freeview card or adaptor that will feed slimserver in the same way that DABBAR or Alien BBC can?

2005-06-14, 13:43
dSw - do you know of a freeview card or adaptor that will feed slimserver in the same way that DABBAR or Alien BBC can?

Sorry mate - no idea of what kind of feeds DABBAR or Alien BBC can take (or Freeview cards can provide, for that matter).

It might be worth you taking a look at the AV Forums and DigitalSpy websites for opinions on Freeview cards.