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2005-06-09, 14:46
OK I am a beginner but I have been at this 4 weeks now. Just how do you get thisprogram to recopgnise folders. I reset them, rescan them, comeout comein, shake it all about but nothing I do gets slim to recognise new music in the folder, changed tags in the folder even recognise that I have deleted files in the folder. Has anyone else succeeded. 20 years in computers and I have nwver been so flummoxed. Help would be appreciated.

2005-06-09, 16:57
If you use the Wipe Cache button in Server Settings -> Performance, does it pick up the new changes?

2005-06-10, 13:28
Ah yes that has found all the changes plus all the artwork I ahv been adding. I thought rescanning wasmeant to do that though without clearing the cache? Anyway I know what to do in the future - many thanks.

2005-06-17, 05:43
I've been having this problem too!

Using the Wipe Cahche has rescanned everything now which has really cheered me up !
Kevin, Is there something that we are doing wrong then for the 'Rescan' button not to work ? I have tried it from the web interface and also the 'Slim Server' interface directly (pull down menus) but neither would reload newly scanned items ?

Not really an issue now but just interested .......