View Full Version : External cuesheets to Unicode (maybe helpful for someone else...)

2005-06-09, 07:58

I use flac (one file per CD) with both embedded cuesheets (as a Vorbis comment) and external cuesheets (EAC CD-text generated) on the same folder as the FLAC file. Using Windows XP for Slimserver.

For a long a time I used to have problems with artist and albums appearing twice on my lists: in one place correctly written, the other with errors (where the special characters like ˝ ˇ Ř, etc should go).

I knew it had something to do with the coding of the tags/cueesheet, but didnt know how to change my XP to "unicode" for this... until I found that all i needed was to edit the external cuesheet with notepad, then use SAVE AS option, and choose UNICODE as the format for the external cuesheet file.

After that, Slimserver correctly reads the exernal cuesheet, I got the proper names of artists and albums. Its not affected by the locale of your XP server.

The only places where I find some duplicate or some error is when the embedded cuesheet differs from the external cuesheet in some way(ie. if for some reason internally you have Beatles and externally you have Beetles, you will find the same album under Beetles and Beatles)

hope its useful for someone else.

2005-09-20, 10:21
I tried this, but it didn't work as I expected. I also rip my CD into a single flac with cuesheet. Each album is in a separate subfolder. I have two issues,
1. each album shows up twice in library, I guess one from the cuesheet and another from the flac file itslef;
2. albums with cuesheets having unicode will display ????? both in library and SB2; if I save cuesheets in unicode as you suggested, the album won't show up at all, as if SS won't be able to read cuesheets saved in unicode mode.
I am using nightly release.

Anyone has any idea?

2005-09-26, 11:25

I wasnt updating my Slimserver lately , but started doing it last week, and there seems to be some problem with SlimServer not recognizing some of the unicode cuesheets:

1) albums do not appear at all , or
2) if the album appear and some song name has non ascii characters, the song name does not appear at all on Slimserver.

So, I guess something changed in Slimserver regarding this in the last month.

Anyway, I read in another thread that you are/were having problems on finding songs inside the whole album flac file. I had something like that sometime ago, and it turned out the version of metaflac I was using didnt put the CUESHEET metadata block inside the flac file. Any chance this could be related to your issue?


2005-09-29, 13:28
So are most people saving flacs as separate files or a big single flac file with cue sheet. I have done about 400 of my 800 cds with separate flac files and no que sheet. Is there an advantage to doing the cue sheet and the single flac file?

I take it squeezebox can talk to the cue file and single flac? If so, is there a performance hit for having to read offset, etc. to stream the file out of the big flac? Seems like the single flac files would be easier for Slim to push.

2005-09-29, 23:59
At present single flac file + external Unicode cue sheet work fine on SS and SB2. I do not see any problem with it on my system.


However, I am not sure how well SS and SB2 support FLAC embedded cus sheet. I remember having problem when both embedded and external cue sheets are present. I removed the embedded one and everything worked a'ok. I have no immediate plan to use embedded cue sheet. As long as the external unicode cue sheet works I am happy.