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2005-06-09, 01:41
This one has got me puzzled.

If I scan the music folder directly from my squeezebox then all artists tags (for example - Libertines, The) are correct as soon as I try to use the iTunes music library I get the following examples:

The Libertines
Libertines, The

If I fire up iTunes or look in the library they are all tagged as Libertines, The

If I look in the xml file holding the library they are all listed as Libertines, The

If I look in Media Player or Music Match the same. The only place they appear different is on the Squeezebox (and Slimserver) where they seem to be making up thier own tags.

I took a guess that some of the tags may be confused so downloaded an application that let you look at the tags 3v2.1 and 3v2.2 were both correct.

After this I did the convert option in iTunes to take them up to 3v2.4 but this has still not fixed the problem.

I am sure there is something in the file that is causing the problem but fast running out of ideas to fix it.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

2005-06-09, 11:10
I think the thing to try here would be to use a third party tagging program that doesn't make assumptions.

iTunes, Musicmatch, and WMP all make certain assumptions about tag names, like if The is included in the title, sometimes it will strip it or add it to the end with ", The"... SlimServer doesn't do this quite as much, but it could be that the files do differ and all these other programs are just assuming and balling them together.

So you might want to take a look at them with something like mp3tag (http://www.mp3tag.de/) to see how they look there...