View Full Version : [Slim-Checkins] r3283 - in trunk/server: .HTML/Default HTML/EN Slim/Utils Slim/Web

2005-06-06, 03:07
> Author: dsully
> Date: 2005-05-24 13:38:18 -0700 (Tue, 24 May 2005)
> New Revision: 3283
> Modified:
> trunk/server/HTML/Default/status_header.html
> trunk/server/HTML/EN/status.html
> trunk/server/Slim/Utils/Prefs.pm
> trunk/server/Slim/Web/HTTP.pm
> trunk/server/Slim/Web/Setup.pm
> trunk/server/strings.txt
> Log:
> Bug: 1319
> Description:
> Slim/Web/HTTP.pm - Implement ETag header, which allows smarter content
> validation for changed entities. This includes turning
> If-Modified-Since/304 responses back on. Framework has been laid for
> being smart about

I think this patch has introduced some problems with the settings page
(maybe others, too). I first noticed this when some settings seemed to be
reset after every change. When I had a look at Tore's problem with the
sorting of the main menu (bug 1631) I noticed that the copy of the
generated HTML code was different from what the browser loaded. It seems
that browser too often are taking an old copy from the cache.

I then reverted trunk/server/Slim/Web/HTTP.pm to revision 3155. This
successfully reverted to the old (correct) behaviour.

Only MSIE6 seems to be immune against that problem. I tested with Opera
7.5x Windows, Opera 8 Linux, Firefox (W/L), MSIE6 and slimserver.exe



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