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2005-06-03, 18:10

been posting this question coupled by another more "audiophile" on the ehm... audiophile section of the board, so, to avoid contamination of topics, here i am starting my own thread :

i want to connect my external HD to the SB2 to be accessed DIRECTLY, without going through a computer...

...ok, so, if i get a network device to go through ethernet, will the SB2 read the files on my HD ?

i was thinking something like the NSLU2 or Netgear WGT634U; but they don't run any OS, and if i understand things right, i should still run some software to let the SB2 see my files...

...or does it read them directly from an IP address, and the software it needs is actually inside the SB2 itself ?

otherwise, i could go with a KURO BOX, but it's really the least attractive solution to me...


what can i do ?

...if it's not possible yet to go NSLU2/Netgear WGT634U; is it some firmware update coming soon to allow the SB2 to see network IPs directly ?

is it an SB3 coming soon allowing this ?

THX for feedback guys...


2005-06-03, 18:53
I'm not Dan, but part of the confusion may be that you asked if you
need "a PC" and the answer is either "no, a Kuro box will work" or

"define what is a PC" since what you really need is a computer running
a supported operating system. The box doesn't need a powerful CPU
and nearly any modern OS is supported. Win XP, 2K, Mac OS9 & 10, Any
Linux, etc.

People talk about running the SlimServer on Tivos.
Or on NAS boxes, which are supposed to only have disks,
but actually have a CPU and linux in addition to the disks.

The SlimServer must run on a computer. Not much of a computer, I bet
someone has hacked a Xbox to run it.

I ran mine for over a year on a free PC that a buddy gave me, stuck
down in the basement so I didn;'t have to hear its fans

...found the answer on the other "audiophile" thread; hope this helps other "beginners" like me make up their minds.

credits to PFARREL and EARTHBASE for the precious info.