View Full Version : Sync'ing SoftSqueeze2 and SqueezeBox2

2005-06-02, 09:22
I've been using SB2 and softsqueeze2 for a couple of weeks now, and I notice that although the two are syncronized, there is still a delay between the two, any where from 2 to as much as 15 20 seconds sometimes. I understand the IP networks are asyncronous and I'm use that network latency is part of the problem, the SB2 is on the wireless network and the softsqueeze computer is using the cat 5 connection via the wireless router. Internet radio can be even worse...

My question is is there any fine tuning that can be done to buffer sizes or bitrates to help bring players more into sync?

2005-06-02, 10:53
Sorry, did not see this...



2005-06-02, 15:24
Did that page help?

Were you possibly on Windows and using Java <1.5? (Did upgrading help?)

2005-06-02, 19:13
Yes, I'm using windows XP service pack 2 on two computers, one was using Java 1.5, and the other 1.4, the one using 1.4 did was not using the Java mp3Plugin and it also did not have the Primary Sound Driver selected in the audio tab. It is a Athlon 1.8 mHz chip with 255 megs of ram so not as powerful as my good computer.

Yes that page really helped... I been playing the SB2 and the softsqueeze2 in the kitched and the living room and for the most part they stay in snyc much, much better now. Still get off by a sencod or two every now and then, I might need to boost the priority when it is important.


2005-06-04, 20:11
Sync for internet radio still sucks but I guess that is the nature of the internet, though if there is any tweaking that could be done here I be interested in knowing.