View Full Version : can hardware or network cause slimserver to crash

2005-06-02, 03:46
Still trying to solve my slimserver crashing.

I have winxp pro sp2 on a p4 box connected to my home network via a solwise sar715 router with nothing else at all installed on it.

I have tried slimserver versions 5.4.1, 6.0.x, and 6.1.x and with one album (.mp3) in the music directory as a test and all crash at various times. I have reformated the hard drive and re-installed xp several times, even resorted to reformatting and installing Linux (Simply Mepis).

And always it crashes, sometimes lasting longer that others (2 days max) then it crashes. Crashes to such a degree that I get a black screen on the two SLIMP3s then a flashing "cannot connect...". Debug from the www page does no good as that is gone and debug from the command line gives various error msgs - all different (one was unicode problem which made me do just the one clean album.

So now I am thinking it is a hardware problem, a network/router problem or some sort of electric problem as I feel like I have tried every software route possible.

Anyone had any experiences like this?