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2005-06-02, 02:51
I've posted an updated version - thanks for all the comments so far - keep
them coming :)


2005-06-02, 16:41

Time to confess - I know nothing about Apple, I only play with Windows and
Linux. Could someone that knows the facts help out and suggest (or fix) the



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> William Wrote:
> > iTunes actually has 3 lossless codecs to choose from: WAV, AIFF, and
> > Apple Lossless.
> Not to get completely off topic here, although I've never bought any
> music from iTunes I -think- that we are confusing ourselves here. My
> statement was noting that you can only buy lossless AAC files from
> iTunes (although I should have clafied it better). What I think you are
> saying is that iTunes can create WAV, AIFF and Apple Lossless files from
> other sources. Correct?
> ss.
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2005-06-02, 17:19
Here are the basic facts.

iTunes can be used in Windows and/or on the Mac. It has the following encoders for ripping CDs built in.

ACC (lossy) (proprietary MP4) from 16 to 320 kbps (128 kbps default)
MP3 (lossy) from 16 to 320 kbps (160 kbps default)
WAV (lossless) Widows format with no compression.
AIFF (lossless) Macintosh format with no compression
Apple Lossless Encoder (lossless) (proprietary) with about 50% compression (comparable to FLAC)

Forget about the iTunes Music Store. It has no place in this topic and has nothing to do with "How to get Best Audio Quality".