View Full Version : Re-Fetch feature in Live Music Archive

2005-06-02, 03:03

great plugin and all, but I always missed the possibility to refetch the whole band list (Slimserver runs forever on one of my servers that get NEVER turned off).

So I just added/changed one or two lines and voilą, here it is. Like in the Shoutcast Browser, press 'rewind' while in the Archive and the band list will refresh.

This plugin should work with server version > 6 and has Dan's corrected 'while-loop' already in it.

Apologies to the Dan, the author, I did not change any other line, not even the version number. I really hope Dan will update his great work to a real new version that one day can be found at slimdevices/plugins, and maybe include my two cents as well.

Have fun,