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Guy Albertelli II
2005-06-01, 19:06
Hi Dan,

> * Marc Sherman shaped the electrons to say...
> >>This is doable. Would the Vorbis equivalent be MIXARTIST? I've also seen
> >>MIXEDBY floating around.
> >
> >A configurable mapping of tags -> internal slimserver properties is
> >beginning to look better and better, if you ask me.
> Yes - I just had a shower thought (this is incomplete, excuse the rambling):
> The list of roles (tags) would be configurable, with defaults that
> approximate what we have currently.
> The pref 'composerInArtists' would become a list of checkboxes to show those
> defined in the above pref.
> x Artist
> x Album Artist
> x Track Artist
> x Composer
> x Conductor
> x Band
> x Mixed By
> Those would also be stored as a pref, and used when browsing the collection.

Prehaps including a priority order would be nice too?

For the 'Title Format' I'd like the


to be filled in by the first of these that exists: 'Composer', 'Mixed
By', 'Band', 'Artist' (meaning ID3's TPE1), 'Conductor'

Perhaps however I'm the only one...

> Mapping ID3 tags to reasonable defaults as we have now would likely stay for round 1.
> Thoughts?

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