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2005-06-01, 13:21
I just started using the internet streaming w/ my slim and installed LAME so I could re-encode the mp3's so not to use so much bandwidth. After I changed it to 128kbps, streaming still takes up around 45k/s of my u/l bandwidth when it should be only taking 16k/s!!!! What is also quite odd is that it uses the same amount if I'm connected to the stream and not playing any music.

Is there any way to change this?


2005-06-01, 15:21
What are you streaming to? Are you using the stream.mp3 interface or SoftSqueeze?

2005-06-01, 18:21
I'm using the stream.mp3. I'm doing this so I can listen to music while working at college. Would softsqueeze remedy this?

2005-06-01, 20:16
GentooBox wrote:
> I'm using the stream.mp3. I'm doing this so I can listen to music while
> working at college. Would softsqueeze remedy this?

I think stream.mp3 sends a 320kbpssilent file between tracks.

I think you may be better using softaqueeze (with bitrate limiting) as
this will have very little bandwidth useage between tracks.


2005-06-02, 08:58
Well the reason I like using the stream.mp3 is that on many computers i use during the day, I don't have install rights so I can just fire up whatever media player is installed on the box. I could deal w/ the 320kbps silent file between tracks (if this is the case) b/c 99% of the time while connected I'm listening to music anyways. I'd just really like to get that bandwidth down.

Thanks for the help guys :)

2005-06-03, 06:40

2005-06-03, 07:09
> Anybody???

If you were a little more explicit you might have more success. Guys like
me who use mail instead of the forums won't know what you mean by

Have you tried SoftSqueeze? It does not need to be installed. If you have
java, you're fine.



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2005-06-03, 07:15
GentooBox wrote:
> Anybody???

Are you sure you did actually reduce the bandwidth of the player you
were listening with.

Every time you connect from an external IP address presumeably it is
going to have a new IP adress and therefore player name in slimserver.
Therefore each time you connect you will then need to access the
slimserver setup pages and reduce the bitrate. You may also then need to
connect and disconnect to start using the new bitrate settings.


(p.s. I think there is a way of hardcoding all HTTP clients connecting
to stream.mp3 to have a certain bitrate. I think it involves changing a
line in simserver-convert.conf or convert.conf. Search on
forums.netgem.com in the general group)