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Zach Anthony
2005-06-01, 03:35

I've recently installed SlimServer 6.0.2 by way of a bit of testing, as I plan to buy a Squeezebox. I'm having difficulty streaming though, and would like to resolve this prior to any purchase.

The basic problem is that I can't seem to 'play' from the SlimServer web interface. My player (iTunes in this case) can connect just fine, and SlimServer registers that the player is connected, but no matter what I do in the web interface itself, 'Server simply won't play - always reverting to stop instead.

I have in some cases been able to stream OK, in fact I've just reinstalled 'Server from scratch and I'm listening to a stream just fine (I assume this means that firewall settings, etc. aren't the issue). But after a while the streaming will stop working again, and not even restarting the 'Server service (or rebooting the system it runs on) seems to fix the problem.

The one clue I've found in the FAQ/docs is that there is possibly a problem with some of the info in the iTunes library that 'Server is set to scan, a bad playlist or something. Could this be the problem? And if so, what is the definitive way to find and fix the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


2005-06-01, 11:17
I had similar problems when I tried using SlimServer with WinAmp. I think they were all to do with the way WinAmp tries to buffer the stream. I tried using media player, and it was much better. However, you'd be much better off using SoftSqueeze instead (there's a link somewhere on the left hand side of the slimserver web interface), as this will emulate a SqueezeBox and so give you a much better feel for what a real SqueezeBox would be like. It's also a perfectly useable player - I use it as my software player all the time.

2005-06-01, 15:18
What format of audio are you trying to play?

The stream.mp3 interface only supports mp3 as an output format, so if you're playing something other than mp3, LAME needs to be installed on the system. We have some instructions for installing LAME with links to download it on an unrelated entry here:

Zach Anthony
2005-06-02, 01:01
Max, thanks for the suggestion to use SoftSqueeze - I'm streaming OK now, and as you said it gives me a better feel for the actual hardware product.

Kevin, I've installed the lame codec and will have a further play with iTunes to see if this sorts the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.