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2005-05-31, 12:28
Thanks for your answer.
That confirms my decision.

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Ämne: @CHECK++ Re: [slim] Combine SB1 and SB2 on same server +

This will work fine. You'll need to upgrade to SlimServer 6x, of
course, for Squeezebox2.

Low sample-rate audio not working on s/pdif is not a problem in
Squeezebox2 - we now up-sample as appropriate.

On May 31, 2005, at 12:20 PM, Tore wrote:

> I have a SB1 wired connected to Meridian DAC to the SPDIF port.
> As I have written before I can´t listen to for ex Live365
> internetradio
> due to sampling. I listen to RadioIo, Shoutcast.
> I have ordered a SB2 and have some questions.
> Will there be a possibility to use Live365 since the sampling has
> changed as I understand?
> I am going to use one computer with Slimserver program as server for
> both SB1 and SB2. Is there any problem to combine SB2 wired and SB1
> "unwired"?
> What Slimserver program version is best for this purpose.
> Is it easier to get more radiostations in SB2 and in SB1.
> Kind Regards
> Tore Johnsson
> --
> Tore

2005-06-01, 13:11
I have a followup question:

I have a
Bose Lifestyle Music Centerr activ and analog (not digital)
SB2 (ordered) wired
SB1 unwired
Meridian 203 DAC

As I have written my plan is to have both SB1 and SB2 connected to same computerserver and to Bose.

I have on Bose following line inputs (Tape, AUX, Video sound) 150 mV maximum

The SB2 via Meridian and SPDIF through a coax cable

My plan is to use both the external DAC (Meridian) and the internal in SB2.

My question is:
Please advise the best way to chose connectio this two inputs.

Are there any drawback to use it in this way?

2005-06-01, 20:12
I think I got the answer myself.
Tape, AUX and Video has the same value 150 mVa and must be same.
So I can use either of them.

2005-06-02, 09:35
Any red+white RCA input will work EXCEPT if it's labeled "phono".

On Jun 1, 2005, at 8:12 PM, Tore wrote:

> I think I got the answer myself.
> Tape, AUX and Video has the same value 150 mVa and must be same.
> So I can use either of them.
> Tore
> --
> Tore

2005-06-02, 14:07
I just got the SB2 and installed it as above.

There are big improvements especially on the internal DAC.
There is hardly no difference between my Meridian 203 and the internal Dac.

Furthermore it´s quicker and sounds more clear.
I am very pleased that you manage to produce this open structure which is promising for the future.

Let´s have more jazzstations :-)

Keep on the good work.
Tore Johnsson

2005-06-02, 23:27
I just found out in player settings for SB2 wired that

Player Settings - Menus - Home Menu

that when i move up or down or more items
1) several of them changes places simultanously and not where I want them to be.
2) I can´t have the different internetplugins directly under Now playing which I can have i SB1 playersettings.

Will be this possible to have them in the order I want to have like it is for SB1?

Kind Regards
Tore Johnsson