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2005-05-30, 18:42
I suppose I could just be very tired. But I'm not seeing something.

I set out today to try making a teeny mod to the slim code, just to try the concept out. It ignored my mod.

So I figured, it must cache the code somewhere. There's a cache directory, but it's for the music, not the code.

15 minutes of digging later, I discovered, in my temp directory, a directory called pdk-whatever (really, that's what it's called, including the whatever) that contains a perl58.dll and a bunch of random serial number dll files.

OK, so it compiles on the fly on first use. So I deleted the cahced files and ran it again. It still ignored my mod.

So I thought, OK, I don't know much perl, maybe my mod doesn't work. So I deleted the whole source directory, all the perl files (well, I actually moved them somewhere else). Deleted the cache again. Started up the server. It works like a charm. With the perl files all gone.

So where is it getting the code from?

I did try scanning this forum for perl cache, but got no useful hits.

I'm sure I'll feel very stupid when someone answers this, but I'm not getting it.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.


Robert Moser
2005-05-30, 20:50
You should use the source version and ActiveState perl instead of the
slim.exe. The slim.exe version has all the source inside the .exe, so
it isn't really all that useful for code hacking.

2005-05-31, 07:14
Ah, thank you. That explains it.

I considered that explanation, except that there's 5MB of code inside that 500K .exe. If it's pre-compiled, why both putting it out to my temp directory at all?

Well, I guess I don't really need to know how that works. Just that I need to go a different route if I want to hack on the code. Thanks again.


2005-05-31, 08:50
Phew! Glad to see it wasn't just me!


2005-05-31, 09:52
Glad I could make you feel a little less foolish :-)