View Full Version : Misleading help text [was: [SlimDevices: Unix] SBthrough iptables?]

2005-05-29, 23:00
>> I wanted to
>> create some kind of a DMZ for my music streaming. From what I've learned
> Right, with you now. i think we've gone offlist at some point here.

Trying to get onlist again. I don't know if it's my configuration, yours
or the list's. But sometimes reply-to contains the list, sometimes it does
not. Even saw this with my own mails to the list, answering to myself
instead to the list.

> However,
> I'd put my vote on altering the server to NOT block anything that is
> using slimproto.

Thanks for the support. Now, what do the officials mean? (After all, we
know now officially that you're not working for slimdevices :-))

> I thought that players were connecting on ports other than 9000, since
> they show a port number in the player settings. If this is the

So did I. That's why I did not hesitate to only open ports 3483 for the

> case, it
> might be that blocking is taking too broad of a scope when all it should
> block is 9000.




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