View Full Version : Live365™, SHOUTcast™, and radioio. All go?

2005-05-28, 12:28
As the end of May is approaching, I assume that all 3 listed stations are accessible (does this include Live365 VIP?) from the standalone SQ2? That's what the Website implies anyway. My cash is waiting...

2005-06-13, 19:16
Dunno if this was ever responded to privately. I have a standalone SB2 and, after a little weirdness with Live365 on the Slimserver 6.1 beta builds (XP), I can positively say that it works quite nicely with all 3 (I don't know about the VIP Live365--I don't pay for it so...)

Here are the only issues I have had (only with Live365), which were either the result of pilot error or easily worked around:

1) Bad Live365 password causes the server to crash to desktop with "Priviledge Exception" [or somesuch]. This was a huge pain until I realized that this was entirely my own damn fault. Fixed the PW and it works like a champ

2) Searches of the L365 stations from the player do not seem to work. If I search on "OTR" (I'm an old radio junkie) from the SB2, it comes up with no matches--this may be a timeout or communications failure of some sort.

However, if I search from the SoftSqueeze app or from the L365 website, I get tons of results. Not a huge problem because you can add to your presets at the site and the player reads them just fine. You can also browse the L365 stations just fine (but that's a lot of clickin' on that remote...)

3)You *really* should set your presets in your account at the website first. Coming up with stations while browsing gives you the option to add to favorites but I can't seem to find them saved anywhere once I actually "save" them via the remote [again, this may be pilot error], however, when combined with the search weirdness above, it's easier to just hit the presets on the website and then browse those at the player.

I've had nothing but flawless play with Shoutcast and Radioio. Worth the money. Buy!

(and I neither work for these folks nor have anything to do with the plugin or code community. Just a satisfied consumer.)

Email any questions to: dogmatix {at} adelphia D0T net

2005-06-13, 19:22
Argh. I'm an idiot who didn't read the forum header after I came across your post while searching for something about Live365.

My post above refers to the player running off a server. I'm the kind of geek that has a small dedicated server (shuttle PC with external 300GB drive...so perfect for this) so I'm not much of a squeezenetwork user.