View Full Version : SB1 loses connection to server running 6.1 nightly

2005-05-28, 07:55
There is a similar SB reboot issue currently being reported on the forum - however, this is slightly different:

Current system:

IBM Netfinity server running Win2k SP4
Slimserver 6.1 nightly (May 28)
Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless AP
SB1 Firmware 40

SB1 has been working just fine for over a year, upgraded with new releases regularly, no problems up to and including 6.02.

I went the 6.1 nightly route to check if there was any updates for the "Various Artists" enhancement - but that's another story. Ever since installing the 6.1 nightly code (tried a few versions) everything seems to work fine for up to 30 minutes. Then the music stops; seconds later I get a "Problem: Lost contact with Slimserver" error on the SB1; finally the screen goes black. It's almost as if I've turned off the server.

However, the server is still reponding to PINGs and serving up the SlimServer web interface to my laptop. If I use the SB remote to power on, the 'lost connection' error again for a few seconds, before the screen blanks again.

To remedy the problem, I have to remove power from the SB and reboot. I do *nothing* at the server end. The SB boots and reconnects to the SlimServer; pressing play starts with the last song that was playing.

Any ideas - before I revert to 6.02?


2005-05-28, 08:01
Oh yeah - wireless strength 82%, and has always worked fine in this location. I don't think that that wireless LAN is the problem.

2005-06-03, 13:06
I guess not then...

Reverted to 6.02 and problem has gone. Now back to the intermittant Squeezebox reboot problem (documented elsewhere)!