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2005-05-27, 15:34
In looking at the subject-matter of the hot & latest threads in the forum, I decided to post a link to a thread from another forum that parallels a solution to many of issues being discussed here. Maybe it will shed some light on its value, then again, maybe not.

I had cited the ALBUM ARTIST tag in a few of the latest threads. Here is a link to a great thread discussing the value of the ALBUM ARTIST tag and may clear some things here at SlimDevices, if ever implemented. Multiple albums, compilations, various artists, mixing of 'GREATEST HITS' albums etc... all these issues could disappear by utilizing the ALBUM ARTIST field on the back-end.


Something for Dean, Sean & the gang to chew on I suppose. Hope I helped & havent started a war
-- D

2005-05-27, 17:00
There is already a tracker for this:

This covers the vorbis version. I've run into the album artist tag in wma
files, and can't recall at this instant whether I managed to get the info
extracted or whether I just got far enough to prevent it from barfing and

In both cases, however, implementing the extraction of the tag is only the
start. Working it into the db, and providing all the handling in the ui is a
much bigger task, and there are only two people I can think of who would be
able to tackle it. both are usually piled high with tasks.

however, if you want to ensure ALBUM ARTIST tags get implemented along with the
vorbis version, make sure you add that as a note to bug 1463.