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2005-05-26, 08:20
Yep - I'm in that second group, and (once my platinum SB2 arrives) I'm
really looking forward to the Squeeze Network feature.

I turn my pc off at night to save power. Also, it runs Windows, so needs
regular reboots to be happy. =)


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On 5/18/05, JJZolx
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> I can see people that:
> - Only want to listen to Internet radio. They don't have a PC capable
> of running SlimServer or they don't want to deal with managing one.
> They don't rip CDs or download mp3s. So SqueezeNetwork turns the
> Squeezebox2 into a $250-$300 Internet radio/alarm clock.
> - Don't want to leave a PC running 24x7, so they'd use SqueezeNetwork
> for their alarm, or to play music after the PC has been shut down at
> night, or maybe when they just don't want to run the server.

I think you're underestimating the size of that second group :)

- Jacob

2005-05-26, 08:31
So are you saying that when my pc is powered off at night it can still be
Can my wireless network be hacked by a drive-by hacker if it's off?

Are you _really_ that stupid? =)

So yes, turning the pc/router off does improve security - from directed,
specific hack attempts. I agree that with the flood of port-scanning going
on at any one minute of the day, that 24 hours operation is not 1/12th as
safe as 2 hours.

By the way, when I boot my pc up each day, the first thing it does is get
the latest virus updates, firewall updates, and checks for Microsoft
patches. If fast-moving threats developed over night (like SQL slammer) then
I may have missed the worst of it or be protected by the patch/signature
released a few hours later, but before I booted up.


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> seanadams Wrote:
>> I believe the vast majority of people with broadband connections do
>> NOT want to have a home server running 24x7. There is also a huge
>> trend towards households having just a wireless network and one or
>> two laptops - not a convenient setup for serving music all the time.
> I take it the attitude of this vast majority is due to some kind of
> concern for security? Like if their PC runs 24 hours per day, they
> feel they're 12 times as likely to get hacked as when it's only run 2
> hours? :-)
> Are people are _really_ that stupid?
> --
> JJZolx