View Full Version : Placement on top of center channel speaker?

2005-05-24, 18:37
Just wondering if placing my SB2 on top of my center channel speaker might be subjecting it to harmful EMI (not only causing audio distortion, but possibly permanently harming the circuitry). I am currently using a B&W CC3 speaker, which is claims to be magnetically shielded. To be honest, I cannot notice any audible difference (wirelessly streaming FLAC files) based on placement. I do think it looks cool sitting right there in the center of my media center, and there is no other convenient place to put it.

Mike Hanson
2005-05-25, 04:24
If the speaker is shielded, then there shouldn't be a problem.

-=> Mike Hanson <=-

2005-05-27, 22:35
I agree, it shouldn't be a problem. Center speakers are generally magnetically shielded by design so that they can be placed on top of TV sets.