View Full Version : AOL Instant Message Support

Jon Schalliol
2005-05-24, 05:59
I did some searches of the archive and couldn't find anyone
mentioning adding AOL instant message (AIM) support to
SlimServer/Squeezebox. I would like the ability to send an instant
message to my wife at home. The display in my living room would be
perfect for this. I could imagine that SlimServer could change the
clock (or whatever was being used) to flashing the display on and off
to get the attention of someone in the room and then display the
scrolling message. I would use this to send messages to her like,
"I'm leaving the office." As we're expecting our first child, this
could also be nice because I might not want to wake my child with a
phone ringing, but it would also open the door to some services that
the AIM network can provide. Would anyone else find this useful?

Bruce Hartley
2005-05-24, 10:06
Haven't looked into the details yet, but perhaps a trillian plugin could then send a command line message to the squeezebox ?


2005-05-24, 12:59
it shoudl be fairly easy as long as the IM clients can send http commands.
slimserver allows easy display commands from http or by CLI over any telnet
connection. see docs in help section.