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2005-05-24, 01:57
does this work with the windows GUI as well? Despite my feelings that its a
useless annoyance, it does seem that many users do use it. it is based on very
old (v5.0) IE, so some features fail, or spit up errors. The avoiding reload
of images is great, but you should make sure it wont fail a load in things like
hte GUI, and in firefox, IE and safari just to cover that most common cases.

I use the fishbone skin myself, so I'll try to work this patch into that and
give it a try.


2005-05-24, 07:00
Quoting Michel Marti <mma (AT) mcfly (DOT) ch>:

> > does this work with the windows GUI as well?
> What's this? Never heard of it...

it comes with the windows installer. slim.exe is the service, slimserver.exe is
the front end, basically an activeX component that emulates IE at v5 level.


2005-05-24, 08:06
You certainly have my vote to s**tcan the Windows slimserver.exe browser thing. There's no need for it, not to mention platform-dependent tools to use a platfom-independent web interface make little sense. I'd say make it available as a separate download (if available at all) and stop supporting it.

The Windows installer needs to be fixed, though. The shortcut being installed in the Windows Start Menu/Programs/SlimServer points to a file at

C:\Program Files\SlimServer\Slim Web Interface.url

while the actual file name is

C:\Program Files\SlimServer\SlimServer Web Interface.url

So it's little wonder that many users are going to use the link to slimserver.exe, which is the only one that works to pull up a web interface.

Edit: I just installed the 5-24 nightly and I let the installer create a desktop and quicklaunch shortcuts. Both of these point to the slimserver.exe application instead of simply using http://localhost:9000.
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