View Full Version : SlimServer 2 Crashes after acting as a bridge

2005-05-24, 00:18
I've had my Squezebox 2 for about 2 weeks now and I think its a fantastic little unit, however it does seem to have one issue.

I have an Xbox hanging off the unit and I have the unit set up to work as a wireless bridge. It all works fine, I can use Live on the XBOX without any problems. However, when I turn the Xbox off, and then put the Squezzebox into standby, it appears to turn the unit right off rather than standby as the units display goes blank.

When I hit the standby button on the remote to turn it on again - it sits on "Connecting" for about 1 second, then turns itself off again.The screen goes blank, it doesn't display the clock or date. Hitting the standby button again results in the same thing - it displays "connecting" for a second, then turns off again. Repeat ad nauseam

The only way I can get it back is to unplug the power, and then it boots fine.

I never have this problem any other time - only when I'm using something hanging off the Wireless bridge.

(And it's not my wireless router - I have a laptop sitting next to it which remains connected throughout)

Any ideas?

2005-05-24, 11:51
Hi Flugle,

I believe that this bug is fixed in the latest 6.1 pre-release
"nightly" version.

Try downloading that <http://www.slimdevices.com/nightly.html> and
let us know if your problem is fixed.


2005-06-08, 05:33
Hello Dean

Late reply, but better than never :)

It does seem to have fixed the problem - many thanks :)