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2005-05-23, 21:35
First off, Squeezebox2 ROCKS!

I am ripping my discs using Exact Audio Copy. For each disc, a playlist is automatically generated. I wanted to move them to a separate folder so I could view all my playlists together as well as accessing them for use with the alarm plugin.

When I tried moving the playlists they wouldn't work any more.

Any suggestions?

If the suggestion is that I need to edit the playlist after I move it (somehow), is there an application that will scan for playlists, edit them as necessary and export them to a different folder?

Patrick Dixon
2005-05-24, 00:58
I don't think you really need those playlists.

Slimserver always gives you the option to play 'All Songs' in a album anyway (which is what those playlists are). If you really want an album playlist in the Playlists directory too, you can always use the 'Save Playlist' feature once you've got 'All Songs' in the current Playlist.

Hope that makes sense!

2005-05-24, 01:14
> I don't think you really need those playlists.

He wants to use them with the alarm - you can't select a folder or artist
there, only playlists.

One workaround would be to start the album (or at least add it to the
current playlist) and then use the "Current playlist" option from within
the alarm.



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2005-05-24, 07:18
The problem is (most likely) that the playlists are being generated with relative paths, so when you move them they don't point to the files anymore. You could easily edit them yourself to be correct using notepad or whatever, but that's a pain. I don't know of a tool to convert playlists from relative to absoloute paths, but I'm sure one exists.

2005-05-24, 19:07
Thanks all for responding.

Michael you are correct, I was looking for use with the Alarm function which currently limits selections to playlists.

...can't believe there's nothing widely used to manage playlists, but thanks for responding.