View Full Version : Will the Squeezebox1 do SqueezeNetwork?

2005-05-23, 13:15
Or has all new development stopped on the SB1 firmware? I imagine the small buffer size might also be a big obstacle given less than perfect Internet connections.
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2005-07-22, 14:27
Will the squeezenetwork be ported to the squeezebox 1?

I bought two squeezeboxes and 4 days afterwards squeezebox2 was announced :(.
I would be more than happy to see that feature ported.

2005-08-01, 11:43
So? Will there be support for squeezebox1 or not?

2005-08-01, 11:52
Very unlikely. Squeezebox1 doesn't have sufficient CPU power or
memory to handle the additional overhead of streaming directly, etc.

On Aug 1, 2005, at 11:43 AM, eulb wrote:
> So? Will there be support for squeezebox1 or not?

2005-08-01, 13:33
Ok, thanks for the reply.

I run the squeezebox server software on a server connected to the internet, and access it with a squeezebox connected through the internet. I never experienced any buffer problems. Response time was very good either.

So I don't really see why the squeezebox wouldn't have enough cpu power?
I think it's more a time/money problem to rewrite a firmware for a device which isn't sold anymore. ;)