View Full Version : Movies - pushing audio to slimserver box?

2005-05-22, 05:26

I've looked all over for this info, but haven't been able to find it - or even questions relating to it. (which is weird).

Essentially, I have a laptop that I use in the kitchen to watch movies/do work on. I also have my slimserver box in the kitchen, which is connected to speakers. WiFi is used to control the slimserver from the laptop.

Is it possible (and if so, how - if not, why not :p) to run Windows Media Player (or whatever) on my XP laptop, and have the audio stream through to the speakers attached to the slimserver, while the video is playing on my laptop?

Thanks =)

Bruce Hartley
2005-05-23, 00:35
It actually has been asked before:

and an enhancement request:

I think the current solution is to use winamp with a plugin to receive windows audio, then use shoutcast to transmit this stream and pick it up with the squeezebox.

i think however you do it, you will have terrible problems trying to sync the audio on the SB with the video on the laptop.
I would imagine there would always be a delay.


2005-05-23, 12:42
I've tried doing something similar, not for movie sound but to broadcast sound from one room to another. I used a streaming shoutcast server at one end and winamp at the other. The problem is the delay - there is always one. You can get it pretty small, but that's by disabling buffering, which makes it drop out a lot. Adding a buffer fixes that but the delay is several seconds. I don't think there's a solution - I ended up running a wire.