View Full Version : Show both server version and BUILD in web interface

2005-05-21, 13:05
It would be nice if someone could figure out a way to get a better version string to be shown in the web interface.

6.1.0 - trunk

could be any of dozens of nightly versions. The only way I could tell you which nightly I'm running (for a bug report, or if someone asks) would be to either (a) remember (trust me, not the best option) or (b) look at the file name on the downloaded archive file or the date on slim.exe.

Something like

6.1.0 beta 2005-05-21

and then maybe

6.1.0 release candidate 2005-05-21

would be a lot more helpful for everyone. Figure out a way of automating the generation of this string during the nightly build and posting process.
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