View Full Version : Different gain between digital and analog out

2005-05-20, 19:41
Has anybody else noticed a significant difference between the S/PDIF and RCA output gains? I've been comparing Digital vs. Analog, feeding SB2 outputs to my Yamaha RX-V1000 (used as a Pre/Pro). The S/PDIF output is approx 10 dB louder than the analog RCA outs. That makes it difficult to set up a double-blind comparison. I'm wondering if that problem might just be inherent to the Yamaha receiver, or is it due to the SB2 DAC?

John Stimson
2005-05-21, 01:14
The output level of any device driven by a digital signal is particular to that device; they aren't necessarily all the same. That said, with the volume of the SB2 set to maximum, the analog outputs are almost identical in level to the output of my MSB Link DAC connected to the digital output. The same goes for the Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC.

Have you got the volume on your Squeezebox set to maximum?

2005-05-21, 10:44
Volume was set to max. I'll play around a bit using different digital vs. analog inputs on the RX-V1000 to see if it's consistent.

Mike Hanson
2005-05-24, 04:38
The loudness is determined by the analog stage after the DAC. The SB2 has one internally, and your Yamaha has another. They may not necessarily be the same.

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