View Full Version : how to Sync Itunes and SB2?

2005-05-20, 08:09

I started this thread over in "general" last week, but with this new forum it seems appropriate here, and I have yet to resolve issue. Any help is appreciated. My last post follows.

"OK, in Itunes I have made a connection to slimserver. I hit play and the elapsed time begins ticking, but no sound.

In slim server, on top right side of window is a drop down menu to choose either Itunes or my SB2. The SB2 shows all songes etc. and works. When I choose Itunes it shows no music in the library. When I click "download" under "the current playlist" nothing happens.

I am trying to hear the same music through both Itunes and SB2.



2005-05-20, 08:58
You don't use download, you need to add songs to the playlist just like for the SB2. Assuming you're using the standard skin, use Browse or Search on the right hand side, hit the play icon to add it to the playlist on the left hand side. That should start it playing through your mp3 player.

2005-05-20, 08:59
The observant will have noticed I got my right and left confused on the previous post :)

2005-05-20, 09:09
OK, I can now hear music through Itunes. Thanks.

Question: how can I sync what I am hearing in Itunes w/ the SB2?



2005-05-20, 16:02
I believe you can only sync between actual slimdevices players (e.g. Squeezebox/Squeezebox2/Softsqueeze) and not "streaming" players (like iTunes/Winamp etc). If you want to play stuff on your computer in sync with your Squeezebox you need to use Softsqueeze instead of iTunes.