View Full Version : 128b WEP with SMC Router?

2005-05-18, 23:11
Has anyone else managed to get the SB2 to connect to a SMC7004AWBR 802.11b router (last firmware R1.96h3) when using 128bit WEP?

If I disable WEP it works okay, SB2 is in my MAC restriction list and gets the fixed DHCP address fine but with WEP it gets as far as inputing the Key and attempting connection but not beyond. Have triple checked the key and reset and input all again a couple of times but no luck.

Not had a problem with other WiFI kit including desktops, laptops and PDAs with PCI, PCCard, USB and CF Card adapters from SMC, DLink, Shuttle and others. SB2 came with v11 firmware in the UK.



After a load more attempts I was able to get past the key bit and as far as connecting to slimserver, but it never completes the connect. Same for 64b WEP. I can't ping the SB2 either in this state. Again disabling WEP seems to work fine. I can also reach the slimserver web interface from a laptop over 128b WEP no problem. Server is 6.0.2, are there anymore SB2 wireless tweaks in 6.0.3?