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2005-05-17, 13:21
I have a multi room system (a QED Systemline 4.3) in my house. Basically it's a box with four amps - that hooks up to two speakers and a control panel in each of four rooms.

It controls a Hi Fi system by sending standard IR commands.

I'd like to get this to control the SB2.

If I can track down what IR commands it's sending (these can be configured a little) I'd hoped to just add a few extra commands to the SB2.

Reading what I can find, I'd hoped that setting d_ir (I'm running 6.02) would display the IR signals from the Systemline - but it only seems to display the SB remote commands.

Am I missing something?

2005-05-17, 13:32
Quoting GregD <GregD.1p70fn (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:
> Am I missing something?

I'd expect the problem is related to one or both of these:


2005-05-17, 13:50
Thanks - hadn't even considered it might be a bug.
I'll put this on hold and try in the next version.

Thanks again
- Greg