View Full Version : Problem with Wireless all of a sudden

Philip Meyer
2005-05-17, 01:17
Until about 5 days ago, my Squeezebox has worked faultlessly in wireless mode. However, either I have changed something, a bug has been introduced, or there's now a fault with my router.

I have recently updated the 6.1.0 truck (nightly from around the 14/05/05). At this time, I also got AlienBBC working, and also installed some other plugins: Advanced Alarm Clock plugin A, Bookmarks, and Random Play.

I thought I had a problem with the Advanced Alarm Clock plugin - some time every night, this seemed to crash SlimServer. I noticed someone else had reported a problem with it, so I tried turning the alarm off, and unticked the plugin in the settings. I haven't restarted the server yet, so I guess this is still loaded in the server but is idle.

With no alarm enabled, this morning I manually selected an album to play as I was getting up. The wireless signal strength was about 20%-30%. After about a minute, contact was lost with SlimServer. I checked the server - it was running fine, but the router appeared to have locked up. The DATA light was off, meaning it had also dropped my ADSL internet connection. I tried to browse to the routers admin config page, but that wasn't responding, so I power cycled the device.

It looks like I have an issue with the router, rather than any software problem. However, it only seems to die when communicating with the SqueezeBox over WiFi, and this used to work perfectly. I'm wondering if some recent slimserver comms change may be affecting the router, or perhaps a strange bit pattern is killing it!

It's a Belkin 7630-4A.

Any ideas?