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2005-05-16, 19:23

I hope that my question will find some interest. I am a very early adopter of the Slim Devices technology since the days of the first SLIMP3 player. Have used it at home since then with great pleasure!

Today I had an idea of how my company cound use the Slim Devices technology as a part of our industrial solution and I have a couple of questions related to this idea.

We do integrated software solutions for ground transportation companies. Our current project requires an automated announcement system. Our software needs to create voice announcements and broadcast them via loudspeakers. Something like: "VEHICLE 14567 proceed to stand number 5".

I wonder if a Squeezebox can be used to meet the requirement. It will be used without any interaction from the user (i.e. no remote control, the box itself will be probably locked away). Our software will create a set of mp3 files to put together the required message and send it to the Squeezebox for playback.

My questions:
- Is this approach viable?
- Will this kind of application be allowed/approved by Slim Devices?
- Can an out-of-the box SlimServer be used (our solution is on SCO Open Server)
- Will the current API allow us to deliver the required functionality?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions.

2005-05-16, 20:12
Using the CLI you'd be able to control the player via telnet - not too difficult to do. All can be done without modifying SlimServer code or using plugins.

I played around with the telnet stuff controlling my Slimserver from a VB app, any reasonably competent programmer could work it out.

So if you had all the numbers from 0 to 9 prerecorded as WAV/MP3/FLAC/whatever files to hear the number "ONE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX-SEVEN" you'd just add those 5 files to the playlist and then hit play. In addition you'd need samples of "VEHICLE" & "PROCEED TO STAND NUMBER" too as in your example.

See your Slimserver's online docs for more info: http://localhost:9000/html/docs/cli-api.html

I doubt you'd get any sort of "Industrial Strength" guarantee with this though - but even NASA cannot get their technical things right all the time.

2005-05-16, 21:29

This is exactly how I was envisioning the functionality. Thanks for the pointer to the CLI API. This will definitely work. I assume this functionality is present in the Perl version and we will be able to get it going on SCO. I have one follow-up question. My version of the Slimp3 player does have a small pause in between songs. Can this be controlled? Is this the case in the last model?


2005-05-16, 21:38
The pause is inherent with mp3's which is natively what the slimmp3 only supports. Obviously with no periods of silence the audio will sound silly, but I understand you want the timing of silence fully under your control.

With SB1/SB2 you could use FLAC files, or in fact you may as well stick with WAV's - unless you're also planning to use this/these Squeezeboxes for the office party and audio space is at a premium :D

For use with SlimMP3 another option is to generate the sound file on the fly and just sent that to the playlist. Simply by merging the audio parts of the WAV files into one big file at runtime, with microsecond perfect periods of silence - this will of course add a bit of latency especially with MP3 encoding at the end.

2005-06-06, 00:07

Prehaps not politically correct to mention in a Slim forum, but take a look at the Exstreamer range from Barix (www.barix.com) - it is a network MP3 decoder which can simply pull its mp3s off any webserver (and newer versions even off a simple file share)

It can be sent commands as http requests, or over a telnet interface, or it can playback a mp3 stream (as per internet radio)

It would mean, a simpler device for decoding the mp3s, and no requirement for running slimserver.

My 2c


2005-06-06, 05:36
Hi aoganesi

Maybe my announcement script could help you.


I haven't used the script lately, but I guess it still works with the latest SlimServer.