View Full Version : Enhancement request for SlimServer process split already in Bugzilla?

2005-05-16, 06:14
I've seen a number of mentions in the past of splitting the monolithic SlimServer process between a UI process and a playing thread. The basic aim of this is to allow the playing thread to have a higher priority to prevent SqueezeBox sound stalls when manipulating the SlimServer HCI. I should add that this would mainly be a benefit to lower-spec server owners (like me).

I wanted to see whether there was an enhancement filed for this in Bugzilla already so that I could vote for it. It seems to me that now we have a reliable database-backed SlimServer this is more possible than it was before.

I couldn't find a Bugzilla enhancement - does anybody know if one already exists or shall I create a new one? I thought it might be more polite to ask in case I've just been searching badly.