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Michel Fombellida
2005-05-16, 01:12

I just noticed something wrong with the Browse Artwork. I use Slimserver 6.1 lastest nightly running on XP SP2, all my artworks are in the form "cover.jpg" and located inside the disk folfers. In slimserver, if I do "Browse Artwork", I am presented a list of Artworks, some of them are correct but not all of them. For example, I see the cover art of "Bending new corners, from Erik Truffaz" (strangely visible in the range of albums starting with a letter "A"), I move the mouse on it and a little pop-up tells me "American III: Sollitary man". I click on the cover, and indeed I enter the disk "American III: Sollitary man" from Johnny Cash and inside the disk the cover art is correct: it actually shows the cover art of American III: Sollitary man.

So it appears that all the artworks associated with the disks themselves are correct, but the list visible in Browser Artwork is not correct. This appears to happen randomly on some disks but almost 1 out of 5 is wrong.

Note that I rarely use the Browse Artwork, so I don't actually know since when this behaviour.


Patrick Dixon
2005-05-16, 01:16
This is something do do with caching the thumbnails and is a known bug. If you right click over the thumbnail, and View image, then use the browser reload to refresh the image, it will be corrected.

2005-05-16, 01:22
sound familiar?

right click and view image, then refresh and see if you then get the right


Michel Fombellida
2005-05-16, 10:07
That was it, I deleted the off-line files in the browser and now the thumbnails are correct. Thanks for the tip.