View Full Version : Suse 9.3 Problems with Slimserver

2005-05-15, 15:24
I downloaded the current RPM and installed through YAST.Slimserver will not start and acts as if the executable is not there.

I check the services and it is not listed.

Has anyone been successful with Suse 9.3 and Slimserver current release?

Thanks... Ron

2005-05-22, 08:52
Hi Ron,

I got it working on my Suse box after about 2hours. I had to install a few missing packages with Yast and alo I had to go through the installation and run a "make" of the program. if you read the installation file it should be fairly easy.

I had to download a few files form the web and copy them manually for the thing to work but since it has been working for 4day's no problem. Getting ready to order my device.