View Full Version : Adding songs to a shuffled playlist reshuffles thewhole playlist including already played songs

Michael Brouwer
2005-05-13, 16:20
I'm using 6.1 (trunk). Shuffle by song is on, and I have a partly
played playlist containing a few albums. When I add an Album to the
playlist (with the + in the fishbone skin). The playlist is
reshuffled completely and the current playing song is at the top.
However song that were just played might end up right after the
current song.

A better behavior would be to reshuffle the new album + the unplayed
portion of the playlist, and leave the already played tracks alone
(thus avoiding them being repeated again).

Is there a bug on this and if not would it make sense to write one?


2005-05-13, 16:33

Christian Pernegger
2005-05-14, 02:50
Please do vote for this - it's got a two-digit number :)

Or is there any reason not to change the behaviour when adding songs
to a shuffled playlist?