View Full Version : M-Audio Audiophile / SB2 - Sound Quality Output ?

Deaf Cat
2005-05-13, 12:37

Any views on if the SQ2 would be on par to an M-Audio sound card regarding sound quality ?

I use the digital out on the M-Audio, as the DAC in me Arcam Amp, to my ears, does a much better job than the one in the sound card. The digital out is quite impressive with a decent cable.

Was wondering what the comparisons may be.....?

Look forward to hearing any points of view.


2005-05-14, 01:58
By and large, DACs on PC sound cards are at a serious disadvantage because of all the RF and digital noise inside a computer case. Digits get in the analogue power lines and there's a lot of jitter and a whole host of other challenges.

Ideally, use an external DAC where possible and feed digital audio to it from the digital environment - as it sounds like you are doing.

--Richard E