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Joe Black
2005-05-12, 08:50
Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning the internet radio connection times from the Squeezebox. When I tune in to a radio station using the shoutcast links in the squeezebox directly it takes around 4-5 seconds after I pressed the "play" button on the remote until the radio stream will be played through my Squeezbox.

On the other hand if I connect to the same radio station via the shoutcast website using my pc and a browser (and winamp) the music is playing nearly instantly.

My question is why is it that the connection takes really considerably longer via the squeezebox? As the squeezebox has all the playlists loaded, I would have assumed it would be equally fast or at least a little bit slower but not really a couple of seconds.

As I like browsing through the different stations I think that this affects the fun playing around with the squeezebox immensely.

How are your connection times out there? Do you also have the same experiences or is this feature only on my system?

My setting: I have a network router /firewall / high speed modem (DSL) in one device. I connect my pc as well as my squeezebox to the router.

All the best from Germany


Joe Black
2005-05-12, 08:56
I forgot to mention that I have a high speed internet access with 1.024 kbit/s.

Thank you for all your comments already :-)