View Full Version : Slim Server Scan fails

2005-05-12, 08:26
I am attempting to scan a large music library with slim server v6. The scan has never picked up my entire library (spread across 2 physical disks and mapped with a shortcut) or it crashes after approximately 3 hours. Where do I start to trouble shoot this problem.

2005-05-12, 09:49
Hi there,
are you using the nightlies, or one of the "official" builds? I had the same problem with the nightlies and had to switch back (2428 albums with 27547 songs by 2817 artists). If that does not help, the only idea I have would be to crank up logging and trying again. You can also start with an empty mp3 directory and then start filling it with say 10 albums, do a rescan. If it goes ok, then put in 10 more, and so on. Eventually you'll find out the batch of 10 with the "broken" files.
Good luck!

Matt Alioto
2005-05-12, 10:00
I've also had this problem and checking the logs indicated a particular
file it was crashing on. Moved file out of MP3 directory and solved the
Renamed and retagged file for permanent fix.


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