View Full Version : Squeezebox menu problem in recent nightlies

Philip Meyer
2005-05-11, 17:30
I noticed last night that the menus on my squeezebox were a bit messed up after navigating through the plugins menu.

I updated to todays latest version and the problem remains.

If I navigate into a plugin submenu and then back (left arrow) and navigate to another menu option, the previous submenu options are displayed instead.

Maybe this is related to a recent problem where there was a plugin menu option within the plugin folder due to case sensitivity?

2005-05-11, 19:30
This one would be my fault :)

I'll fix shortly.


2005-05-11, 19:41
Thanks philip, I've just merged in a change that should fix this, as of
change 3159. If you use subversion please update. otherwise it will be
in the next nightly build. Let me know if you still see any problems.